Implanted in the industrial area of konya one of the biggest industrial cities of Turkey, our brand Sirimex Group® continues to supply since years elevation systems , improving and updating at the pace of news directives and technologies.

Elevator in our terms ?

An elevator is a vehicle assuring the shiGing horizontally or vertically. Nowadays, these transport systems became an essencial element  into our daily lives: Accommodations, Airports, Hospitals, Factory, Hotels ...
Initially the elevator has two goals: to make shiGing and accessibility better. That is why we always focus on providing the solutions needed, to make safety a central point and to increase comfort during elevator movements.
In accordance with this thesis, we follow painstakingly and carefully all the steps of the production, so we use components that comply with European CE standards and European directives such as EN 81-20 / 50.
Finally, our elevators meet all types of projects taking into consideration the technical and budgetary situations.